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About Me

My name is Alon Gabbay and in addition to being a fitness model and a natural bodybuilder, I'm an artist, musician, photographer and photo editor, video editor, and web and graphic designer.

I have a passion for anything related to aesthetics, whether it's my own body or art that I'm creating. I love what I do and that is what keep me motivated.

I'm half Israeli half German, what a combination, huh? I Was born in Germany but raised in Israel, living back in Germany now.

My love for bodybuilding began when I turned 17, and since that time, no one has been able to get the dumbbells out of my hands!

I have never competed in any bodybuilding competitions. I am just doing it for myself - for the love of the sport, for my body and soul, and for my own satisfaction. Although I have never stood on a stage, I still see myself as a professional, who learned, trained, and studied the art of bodybuilding all the way, transforming it from a hobby into a way of life.

My goal in bodybuilding is to achieve the best I can as a natural bodybuilder, as well as to stay healthy and strong.

Basically anything you see from me has been made by me. I made my own website, edit my own videos, take my own pictures, and train by myself in the gym.

If you like any of my work , feel free to subscribe to my website by using the email form below.

Yours truly, Alon Gabbay, SiX PACK.

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