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Arnold Bodybuilding Workout

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine

In the picture above you can see me with Jay Cutler. That was at the Arnold Classic - Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding event. I went as a VIP guest, To see more pictures of the event go to the Arnold Classic Pictures Gallery.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine:

Below you will find the workout that Arnold used to do, he also came up with what is now called the Arnold Press or Arnold Presses as an effective shoulder exercise, read more about this exercise and learn how to do it here.

Day 1: Abs, Back, Chest
Day 2: Abs, Forearms, Shoulders
Day 3: Abs, Lower back, Calves, Thighs
Day 4: Abs, Back, Chest
Day 5: Abs, Forearms, Arms, Shoulders
Day 6: Abs, Lower back, Calves, Thighs
Day 7: DAY OFF

Do 4 sets of each exercise and do 6 to 10 reps unless otherwise is specified. Increase weight if you can do more then 12.

Arnold Bodybuilding Workout

Monday & Thursday

Chest - Pullovers, Bench Press, Incline Press
Back - Chin-ups ( Until fail ), Bent Over Rows
Abs - Leg Raises ( 5 sets until fail )

Tuesday & Friday

Shoulders - Upright Rows, Dumbbell Lateral Raises, Barbell Clean and Press, Arnold Press
Arms - Seated Dumbbell Curls, Standing Barbell Curls, Narrow-Grip Bench Press, Standing Triceps Extensions with Barbell
Forearms - Wrist Curls, Reverse Wrist Curls
Abs - Incline Sit ups ( 4 sets until fail )

Wednesday & Saturday

Thighs - Squat, Leg Curls, Lunges
Calves - Standing Or Sitting Calf Raises ( 4 sets until fail )
Lower Back - Straight/Stiff Leg Deadlifts (see explanation below), Good Mornings
Abs - Leg Raises ( 4 sets until fail )

This is the basic Arnold Bodybuilding Workout, you can change it and make it more advance by changing reps number and making pyramids, super-sets and power-sets. Below I demonstrate how to do the deadlift that Arnold used in his training program.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best bodybuilders in history. Actually you can almost say he started the whole thing.
I decided to write about Arnold and the Arnold workout routine because he is a great source of inspiration for many people.
Arnold started his career in Graz, Austria, and was going for the Mr. Universe title. Since then he has climbed up his road and won the Mr. Olympia 8 times, no other bodybuilder except for Ronnie Coleman reached that high, and they are both leading with 8 wins.

Today Arnold has his own fitness competition event and it is called the Arnold Classic, one of the biggest fitness events in the world.
I had the luck to be there and see Arnold and meet all the bodybuilding pros and watch them on stage, it was great. You can see pictures from that event by going to the Arnold Classic Gallery. You will see me with many other athletes on that page.

Do it as you like, and remember always learn the techniques of the more "hardcore" exercises like deadlift and squat, good morning, etc.

The straight leg deadlift is a little hard to learn at first. Use light weight or even just the bar when you start, below is how to do it.
You can see me doing the stiff leg deadlift in the picture below, you can learn more about my training at the training page.

Deadlift Picture

Start Position

Grab a bar with an overhand hold (with the palms downward). You might need arm wraps if lifting a large amount of weight.

Take a position with your upper body straight plus your hip and legs spread out to a shoulder width or smaller. Your knees needs to be slightly bent.

Going Down:

Keep your knees fixed, lower the bar to the floor by bending the hips but make sure to keep your back straight. Keep going down just as you were intending to grab some thing from the floor until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Breathe in while you do this action.

Going Up:

Begin taking your upper body straight up again by extending the hips up until you get back to the start position. Breathe out while you perform this action.

Warning: This isn't an exercise that is certainly suitable for those with lower back and spinal area issues. Additionally, make sure to keep your back straight and not to round forward especially when going down. Don't make any swinging motions and too much weight if you can't handle it or you might injure or hurt your back.

If you wish you can also use dumbbells for this exercises, if so just do it as I explained above.

Arnold started as the best bodybuilder of his time and still is considered the best that ever existed. He went from the back of a comic book selling workout routines to become the one of the most famous man on the planet. A man from Austria with an accent un-American, came to the U.S.A and immediately made his mark. He was not just a perfectly built man, he had the smarts to take what his body represented and what people wanted to see and turn it into profit. His body became a money making machine. Whether it be training routines, magazine covers, and his entry into some films, he has always known who he was and what he could make happen.

Fearless in his quest to become great in anything he tried to do, Arnold went for it and conquered. He knew he wanted to be the best bodybuilder. Done. He wanted to become the best film star. Done. He wanted to marry American royalty and did with the Kennedy family with Maria. Done. He wanted to be the best politican and took over the 8th biggest economy on the planet. Done. No man alive has become the best in so many different endeavors then Arnold. The confidence and power he produced with changing his body to become so unreal and special gave him the ability to do anything he wanted to do in life.

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