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Bodybuilding Stereotypes

Bodybuilding myths, misconceptions and stereotypes

In this video I talk about the "bad stuff", also known as stereotypes in relation to bodybuilding. People often immediately assume all kinds of bad things about bodybuilders and their assumptions are usually totally wrong especially with regard to a natural bodybuilder like myself. Because people sometimes have a limited sense of what is possible to achieve with their own bodies they will project this onto you with accusations of steroid use if you have an impressive natural physique. Part of this assumption does not take into account the amount of dedication and training outside the gym that is involved in natural bodybuilding. What I mean here is the time one must take to study the sport with a strong foundation in sound nutrition principles first as well as how to use supplements to support the processes at the various stages and phases one navigates while growing and leaning out in cycles. These themes are explored and discussed in my many other articles and videos which I encourage people to read and watch so that you can be informed.

Part of the above assumption is that a natural bodybuilder is only a musclehead and not smart. Nothing could be further from the truth as it takes a lot of intelligence to learn nutrition and to apply the techniques of form in the gym to exercise and growth. This myth about the dumb bodybuilder can make people see you as an object when you are at the bar or at a club. Also people may think you are a blue collar worker sometimes and may not know you have a lot of education and world experience. This can work to your advantage too though if you want to play dumb about certain things!

There are some jealous haters out there unfortunately and some will think you are arrogant in your character or that you are a fighter type personality. Lots of natural bodybuilders are humbler and gentler than you might think. We use our minds sharply to strengthen our bodies and see the body as a piece of art. I see my own body as a canvass that I create on and shape to my next level.

Also taking pictures and recording or tracking your progress is part of the art form. Seeing development and demonstrating it to others is definitely a form of pride but this is not necessarily arrogance. I see this as my work in the world and so I must share it with others. The feedback and comments are a joy and tells me I am doing it right and I am also helping others to achieve their goals. That is my intention: to give you information, show you what is possible and to inspire you to get in the gym and take your body to the next level!

In the video on the right I talk about this topic and give a couple examples of what people might say about you if you practice bodybuilding and the reasons why they are saying it. Sounds boring but watch the video and you will understand better what I mean ;-).

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