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PROTEIN - should range from 30 to 35% of your total calories

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Protein is in every living food; it’s also in vegetables and fruit. There are different studies that say you should consume between 0.8 grams to 1 gram per pound of bodyweight each day, but this is really down to what kind of diet you are on. Some people suggest more but it really depands what diet you are on and how many calories you need.

Good sources of protein:


Again this will come down to your diet, I will not give suggestions about complex and simple carbs as there are a lot of mythes in the bodybuilding world about this subject, last studies says that you can eat pretty much any carbs as long as it fits your macros.

Some carbohydrates I tend to include a lot in my personal diet:

Alon Gabbay Diet



This is a general, overall guideline. It can be modified to fit one’s schedule and time constraints. A more detailed, meal by meal diet plan can be provided, please be aware that I only provide individual diet plants for people who pay me, and it includes online training as well.



SUPPLEMENTS - Click here to see what supplements I take.

If you eat properly then you may limit supplementing accordingly.

Many people don’t fully supply their body with minerals, Vitamin C, B-Complex and flaxseed oil.

If you want to take a protein shake or meal replacement drink, take one that is whey protein based. (Look for whey protein concentrate on the label if you take it after you workout or use a micellar casein supplement if you take it before you go to bed, they say casein is good before bed because it is a slow release protein, but last studies shows it does not matter when you consume your protein aka meal frequency, I just like to have a different kind of protein in my diet.) A supplement is, by definition, something extra. The most important thing is to eat properly. If you do this, the need to supplement is not as great. A lot of supplements are a waste of money. At a maximum, I consume two to three protein shakes per day. The rest of my protein I get from food.

Every 10 weeks or so I take one week off from lifting. This is due to multiple reasons as let my body rest and also gain new mental strength.

Hope the above gives you a valuable insight into how I eat to stay in shape.