Do you even lift

Do you even lift?!

How to look like you lift when wearing a shirt

In this video I give you a few tips for how to look like you lift and how to look good in a shirt.

As a natural bodybuilder you want to at least look like you lift, it is not easy to look good in a shirt especially in your early years of lifting, therefor you need to work on the thickness of your forearms and increase the size of your biceps to the point where it fills out your sleeve.

In the video I talk about the main muscles that will make you look big in a shirt and how to train them

It took me 4 years until you could actually notice that I lift when putting a shirt on! Damn!

Deadlift is a great exercise that will help you increase the overall size and thickness of your body as it targets about 70% of your muscles!

You do not have to do isolation exercises to increase arms size, you can do them but focus on basic and complex exercise, like deadlift squat and benchpress, pull ups or even muscle ups.

Also make sure to train your triceps as well as it is the biggest part on your arm and will fill most of the sleeve when wearing a shirt!

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