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Green Tea

Benefits of green tea for bodybuilding & health

Green tea is a simple pleasurable drink for many that can benefit bodybuilders in a lot of different ways. Green tea is rich in a specific set of anti-oxidants that are known as catechins that have health giving effects on many organs and systems of the body while it is also an effective thermogenic (fat burning) agent that does not hype you up too much like guarana or other stimulants. This fun video is intended to give people an overview of what green tea may do for them with 15 specific points. You can buy green tea extract cheap on Amazon here.

The cultures of the East are wise and nowadays modern science is taking a look at the traditions of these ancient peoples along with their foods and drinks to give some clues as to exactly why they got into these good habits. Green tea is becoming a fad now in the West because people want to live better and longer.

The main health challenges that people usually succomb to or that seriously diminish the quality of their lives have to do with cardiovascular health, cancer and the long term effects of obesity and general aging processes. Green tea has something for most everyone in this regard.

Green tea appears to lower bad LDL while it positively benefits the good HDL. Overall it tends to lower total cholesterol while it also lowers the risk ratio that can cause plaque formation on the arteries. Long term consumption of green tea can have a great effect this way especially in cases where people may have cut down their carb and bad fat intake but still do not have optimal cholesterol readings. Ultimately long term usage may therefore benefit blood pressure as we age.

Green tea is being studied constantly for its prevention of many cancers including colorectal cancers. People in the East who smoke do not appear to get cancer nearly as much as we do in the West and it is strongly speculated that this has something to do with people there drinking 5-6 cups of green tea on average daily. Green tea's polyphenols also seem to protect nerve cells and are being studied now with respect to degenerative conditions like Parkinson's Disease.

For bodybuilders who put their bodies through a lot of stress in tearing apart muscles so they can grow, green tea is a superb anti-oxidant that preserves and helps cells to regenerate in a healthy manner. It can be of great assist while in a lean out phase. I like to drink green tea all the time and then boost the effect by taking capsules that have standardized amounts of the active component, EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), that guarantee a high potency when I am shredding out. Green tea is a fat burner that contains only small amounts of caffeine which does not bother my sleep but some people will need to be careful not to drink or take green tea capsules too late if they are sensitive. There are also some brands that make caffeine-free green products both for drink and capsule ingestion. Click here to buy green tea cheap from Amazon.

Green tea makes me focused but mellow and this helps me be smart when I work out and helps my other favorite activity, meditating. This is because it has an important chemical naturally occurring in it called Theanine which is an amino acid that promotes relaxation and concentration. In fact I love green tea so much that it makes me creative and enhances my musical skills. Come check out the video and see why I got it good for this herbal tea!

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