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My name is Alon Gabbay, you can see me in the picture above. Notice that I am not a professional bodybuilder and do not have a pro card. Below I will explain about what's the meaning of IFBB and how to become a pro IFBB bodybuilder. If you want to find out about my training and nutrition tips feel free to check other parts of my site, just hit the menu bar at the top and look around.

You may have heard of the IFBB and wondered what it is. Well, IFBB stands for International Federation of Bodybuilding. However, in 2004, the entity’s official name changed to International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. The IFBB was founded in 1946 in Montreal, Canada by two brothers, Joe and Ben Weider. They were known as the “brothers of iron,” and they wanted to bring bodybuilding more into the mainstream of culture. Ben Weider actually served as the entity’s president during it first sixty years.

This not-for-profit entity is truly an international federation with over 180 affiliated national federations. Currently, IFBB’s president is Dr. Rafael Santonja from Madrid, Spain. Every year, it organizes up to 2,500 competitions. The competition range encompasses national, regional, continental and world levels.

IFBB participates in numerous well-known competitive venues. More than 90 national Olympic committees recognize IFBB. IFBB participates as a medal sport in Central American Games, African Games, World Games, Arab Games, South American Beach Games, and Pan American Games. It is even a member of the Pan American Sport Confederation and the European Games. The Supreme Council for Sport in Africa also recognizes IFBB.

IFBB in an ingrained and integral member of the competitive scene, and this is not new. Since 1971, it has been a member of the General Association of Internal Sports Federations, which is itself well-recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Since 1981, IFBB has competed in all World Games, and it is founder member of the International World Games Association.

Even if you are not a competitor or a fan of the competitive circuits, you can appreciate IFBB’s efforts and contributions. IFBB supports, through all its efforts, fitness and bodybuilding among both adults and children. If you are looking for the secret to anti-aging, then IFBB may have the solution. It believes in and supports fitness and bodybuilding as a lifestyle that will keep you feeling and looking younger than you are. Not only does IFBB encourage positive choices, like fitness and bodybuilding, it also discourages choices such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs that diminish an otherwise healthy lifestyle. IFBB also promotes keeping enhancement drugs out of competitive sports, and it is a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency Code.

An important component of IFBB, is IFBB Pro. IFBB Pro is a series of professional bodybuilding competitions. You have probably heard of the pinnacle of success in this series: the best of the best is known as Mr. Olympia. Mr. Olympia is widely recognized as the number one bodybuilder in the world. Joe Weider (one of the founding brothers) created IFBB Pro in 1965, the same year as the first Mr. Olympia competition. Since then, IFBB Pro has also created a Ms. Olympia competition, the Fitness Olympia competition, and the Figure Olympia Competition. 1980 was the year that Joe Weider created Ms. Olympia. That same year the Grand Prix competition series were organized throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, long before he was known as California’s governor and Hollywood actor, was a very famous bodybuilder. He was also integral to the success of IFBB Pro. He was appointed as chairman of the first Professional Committee in 1975. He also starred in a bodybuilding-focused movie in 1977, “Pumping Iron”. Then, in 1989, he teamed up with others in creating the Arnold Classic, an important part of IFBB Pro.

Now that you know what IFBB and IFBB Pro are, you are probably wondering how you can get into professional bodybuilding? You should plan on a lot of commitment and a lot of work, because becoming a professional bodybuilder does not happen overnight. The upside is that it is, indeed, possible You can look at those who have already achieved success at professional bodybuilding as inspiration to know it is possible with the right mix of knowledge, work, persistence, and commitment.

As you work on your physique to get it “show ready,” an important thing you can do is find local, regional amateur competitions. IFBB is a great place to start in finding these competitions. You will learn the art of showmanship, which is important. You will learn from other competitors, as well as judges, what they are looking for in terms of posing, vascularity, and muscle size. When you have successfully competed in amateur competitions, then you are ready to step it up a notch and join the professional competitions. Keep in mind that all along the way that, no matter your level of bodybuilding, IFBB has the resources and networking capabilities to help you succeed.