Muscle Ups

Muscle Ups

How to perform the muscle up exercise

Muscle ups are one of the most advance and hardest to perform body-weight exercise that you can do. They work on a lot of different muscle groups and will get all your upper body pumped.

In the video on the right you can see me doing explosive muscle ups while swinging the legs and creating an S form with my body to help myself with the movement.

A muscle up is a combination of two body weight exercises; the pull-up and the dip, so basically it is a pull up that is followed by a dip. Muscle ups are way harder than just doing pull ups or dips on their own!

It is recommended that before you try to do muscle pull ups, you will first be able to do a good amount of regular pull ups and dips without a problem.

To help yourself with the movement, you should use a false grip which means you should put your hand farther over the bar, so that your palms are facing down and your wrist is bent while you are hanging. This will allow you a smoother transition from the pull up state into the dip.

Explosive or fast pull-ups are a good way to start as they help you to get through the hardest part which is the transition from the pull up to the dip, also make sure to move your torso away from the bar on the way upwards rather than pulling yourself straight up.

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