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Nutrition is the hardest (and most important) part when it comes to bodybuilding.

When I first started to train, I thought all I need to do was to lift weights to get big and look good. I soon realized that it takes much more than this so I began to learn and study and educated myself, until I could manage and control it for the best results. I am still learning new stuff all the time, but I now have a much better feel of what to do.

As with all sports, success depends on dedication, discipline, exertion, and nutrition. Proper nutrition is the key to having a great physique. If you want to obtain high-quality muscle, maintain lower body fat levels, and keep a strong, impressive and healthy body, then you need to pay close attention to what you are eating. If you think it's all about protein and that carbs and fats are "bad" then think again.

Bodybuilding nutrition consists of lots of different components and must include all essential nutrients. It's important to eat healthy fats, high quality protein, but latest studies shows that the most important is to be aware of your macros, you can eat ice cream all day and still lose far and get ripped, as long as it fits your macros. Smart diet here is key and this is what you should learn about the most.

Food provides the body with energy for the necessary growth and repair, and gives us the fuel to lift weights in the gym.
So remember, "You are what you eat". Eat what you need, and not what you want (although it is fine to have a "cheat meal" Every once in a while as part of life is to enjoy, but don't overdo it)

Why don't I post my specific diet plan ...?

Just like with a training plan, a diet plan includes a specific set of personal aspects and guidelines that suits each person's needs. It is based on several factors, including the type of training, and ones body type, body weight, body fat percentage, and metabolism. You will need to establish your overall goal (the purpose of your training) and make sure you are able to put forth both the effort and time so that you can achieve the goal that you have set for yourself.