I do not suggest prohormones (PH), or any other hormonal supplements. I personally never used prohormones or any type of anabolic steroids but it's crystal clear that many people use, used or consider using them.

If you came across this article, you most likely had in mind to try some kind of prohormonal supplement, but you are not quite sure about it yet.

Since I started bodybuilding I always wanted to learn about ways that will help me build muscle fast, so I have also been thinking about prohormones and steroids.

While I was doing my research about prohormones and all kind of steroids I learned a lot, and always came to the decision to stay completely natural. There are some baselines you really should follow if you are about to use hormonal stuff.

- You'll want to be no less than 21 years old. You don't want to damage your endocrine system.
- You'll want to master training and nutrition, and have a few years of experience in the field. Anabolic steroids or prohormones are not a magic pill, and would not work alone.
- Prohormones are steroids, just in a different form. A prohormone can often cause similar or same side effects as real steroids.

Just to clear things up, and everybody should know this - prohormones are not safer or less dangerous then "real" steroids. If you decide to take one or another then I really think you should take the real thing (steroids) It will lead to better gains, and in many cases will cause same or less side effects then prohormones. Both, steroids and prohormones are illegal(!) Although different kind of prohormones are available and legal to buy.

Here is some information about prohormones:

What is a prohormone?

A prohormone is a compound that is a forerunner to a "real" hormone, usually having minimal hormonal effect by itself.

How can a prohormone help with bodybuilding?

Prohormones generally turn into "real" steroids in your body, and the effect of steroids is clear to all.

How to get prohormones?

Like I mentioned above, most prohormone formulas have been banned since 2004. Since then you cannot really get the high quality ones, just different kinds of versions, most of those versions don't last long in the market as they get banned pretty quick.

What is the best prohormone alternative?

The best alternatives to prohormones are none hormonal supplements, check out my supplement page to read more about the best natural supplements on the market.

Will I need a PCT?

Yes, there is absolutely a need to do PCT after using prohormones.

What is a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)?

Post Cycle Therapy. A necessary part of hormone manipulation. It permits your body to return to its standard levels after using all kind of hormones. Any massive amount of exogenous testosterone can lead to some form of shutdown, indicates your body will stop making those kind of hormones. PCT helps you to recover from that state quicker. One of the most common post cycle therapy product is Nolvadex. Post cycle support supplements should be taken for at least 1 month post your prohormones cycle.

Prohormones are adding synthetic testosterone into your body. You are artificially increasing testosterone levels. As a result, your body generates far less natural testosterone then normal. This is not a concern when you are on a prohormone cycle, however when you finish your cycle, then it becomes a concern. Your body is used to the artificial testosterone form your prohormonic cycle, and he is not producing much testosterone naturally any longer. Your testosterone to estrogen rates are messed up, which will lead to negative side effects.

Cycle Support

Cycle support supplements protect the liver, and prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Cycle support is truly essential, just the same as post cycle therapy.

Prohormones affect each person in a different way. Some individuals experience really severe side-effects, and others get really mild ones. Even if a person has mild side effects, he still requires a cycle support.

What are the side effects from taking prohormones?

Some common side effects you might get are acne and an increased of skin oil or water retention.

The term "bitch tits" (medical term = Gynecomastia) is often a side-effect involving prohormone and anabolic steroids use. What happen is that a male bodybuilder begin to grow breasts. There's a noticeable puffiness across the nipple area, in most cases it is very visible even through a t-shirt and looks pretty nasty. Other side effects that may occur are after a prohormone cycle are an decrease in libido, and bad moods and depression. You might also feel a down in energy and vitality and overall strength. This is often called a post cycle crash. It comes from a remarkable decrease in your body's testosterone levels. You'll feel bad and most likely lose most of the muscle mass that you gained through the cycle.

Consuming too much will not increase the effect, and it might make you land in the hospital, be cautious when taking high dosages, your body might not be able to process the big amounts of substance you've ingested.

Prohormones are relatively untested, it is strongly recommended to start small and build up to a level that you feel convenient with

How much/What do I have to eat?

Everyone is different and it depends on your diet, body, and goals. Check out the Nutrition section for more info. It is generally advised to take the pills with fat, for example omega 3 or olive oil.

Alcohol and prohormones?

Don't take prohormones with alcohol. Not good at all for your liver.

How long to wait before my next cycle?

There is a minimum time frame in between cycles. Also you need to consider the cycle, the post cycle therapy, and the normalization period. You may then start a new cycle of prohormones.

What is a normalization period?

A normalization period is the time when your body returns to where he was before you packed it with prohormones, and the time when your body gets off the PCT.

The normalization period should be at least the length of your PCT.

This is just some basic information that I learned from my research and decided to share it. I am not a doctor and like I mentioned above; I do not recommend prohormones or any kind of steroids, do them at your own risk or ask your doctor about them.