The Human Trainer

The Human Trainer

What is the best suspension trainer?

The Human Trainer can also be used inside the home. Click here to learn how to use indoors.

Please be aware that if you want to build muscles more effectivly I recommend going to the gym. I do not recommend buying this product!

Manufacture information about The Human Trainer:

Thе Human Trainer Essential Kit comes wіth 2 x Main straps, 2 x Door Anchor, 2 x Handles, 2 x Foot craddle, 1 x Handbook, 2 x Ebooks, 1 x Travel Bag, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, 2 Year Replacement Warranty & Circuit7® Thе Human Trainer DVD.

The Human Trainer is a portable suspension gym. It is the leader in the newest generation of suspendeded, body weight training systems that gives you the potential to have a completely customized workout. The Human Trainer is designed to allow you to combine cardiovascular and resistance training while constantly engaging your core muscles. The Human Trainer is a complete training system that allows you to effectively target every muscle in the human body. With іt's unique dual strap design you саn perform dips, chin-ups аnd pull-ups. Thе Human Trainer Suspension Gym doesn't capture up a abundance οf room. It's lightweight аnd portable ѕο you саn travel wіth іt. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Human Trainer is backed by an industry-leading 2 Year Warranty.

The Human Trainer is designed for every level. Everyone from a complete beginner to an elite athlete can use The Human Trainer with complete confidence. The Dynamic Angled Resistance principle allows you to lift as little as 5% and as much as 100% of your body weight. The difficulty of each exercise can be adjusted by simply shifting your body weight forwards or backwards depending on the desired level of difficulty. In addition, you can change the height of the accessory attachment on the D-Ring Quick Clips to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. For example: when performing a push-up, having the Handle attached to the bottom D-Ring with the Main Straps hanging straight is the most challenging. If you clip the handles to the 2nd or 3rd D-ring, there will be less resistance (your body is now progressively positioned less parallel to the floor). Beginners can exercise with very little resistance by remaining more vertical. For more advanced applications, you can exercise more parallel to the ground, thereby increasing the Dynamic Resistance.The Dynamic Resistance created by being suspended with inelastic straps constantly engages your stabilizer muscles. This type of resistance allows beginners and elite athletes superior benefits to traditional body weight exercises. With The Human Trainer you can control precisely how much resistance you want to engage.

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