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Training has a wide range of important fundamental aspects.

I normally try to keep my training as intense and heavy as possible, but I know it is important to take rest days and to periodically cycle with lighter weights. My workouts are short, usually about 45, maximum 1 hour.

I like to visit the gym about 5-6 days a week and this helps me to stay focused and keeps me motivated. I do a lot of super sets and drop sets. I don't like give much rest in between sets while I train. I found this method works best for me and that's the way I like it in the GYM.

The training videos will be about my experience with all kinds of exercises, training in the gym while showing and explaining the different exercises, and showing you the three best foundational exercises. I will also provide you with some important tips, tell you about what I think are the ultimate and the most effective ways to reach your goals, and give you a hint about how I build my own body. Basically it will be a complete set of video series showing me work out and explaning at the same time. stay tuned!

Note that all that and everything else that is written on this site is just my own point of view, although much of it is based on scientific facts. But at the end of the day all of this is just advice!