Zyzz - Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian has passed away

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has verified 22-year-old, Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, also known as Zyzz, of NSW has passed away over night in Thailand. The Department stated the autopsy was not yet been completed even so it had been verified early on Wednesday morning that Zyzz went into heart attack 2 times, just before emergency teams could get there. Authorities stated that Zyzz had an undiagnosed heart failure condition that could have led to his death.

Zyzz didn't compete in bodybuilding competitions and was not an IFBB PRO however developed a big popularity along with thousands of fans and followers that admired his aesthetic body. Some individuals even observed his perspective of "getting aesthetic".

Zyzz, who started out bodybuilding right after finishing his HSC to develop strength and catch the attention of girls, lived in Eastwood in Sydney's northern suburbs and was a fitness trainer, aspiring model and part-time stripper and pole dancer.

Zyzz also marketed a whey protein nutritional supplement named Protein of the Gods.

Discussions on the net and memorial pages said Zyzz dealt with a heart attack on Early August 2011 and died.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that Zyzz died in Thailand.

Here is a picture for you, from a fellow bodybuilder..... It reminds me of you, I call this "The Greek God"


You been loved, hated, idolized, but for the most, motivated by many because of your physique, even myself.

I do belive that being natural is the way to go, but your cocky videos made me laugh - you mad brah?

R.I.P brother,


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